fantastical friday

fantastical friday: January 31, 2014

the possibility of rain is on the horizon, a friend is coming over tonight to drink wine & ogle Shakespearean actors, and these were the articles that caught my eye this week.

some of the comic book references were a teeny bit over my head, but this interview with Jacob Pitts about his role as Deputy Marshal Tim Gutterson on FX’s wonderful show “Justified” made me fall a little more in love with both the character and the actor’s public persona.

saddening information that over a third of school-age children can not read, despite a push that sees more children in school worldwide.

the second of three episodes in the most recent season {series} of “Sherlock” with Benedict Cumberbatch as the titular detective and Martin Freeman as his foil, where Sherlock must give a best man’s speech for Watson on his wedding day, is heart warming, hilarious, and makes the season finale this weekend {in America, while Britian has already watched} even more gut-wrenching. You’ll be glad you watched.

I have no children, but this list of “44 Things We’ve Said to Our Kids to Get them to Eat” made me giggle. I imagine it makes actual parents cringe in recognition.


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