fantastical friday

fantastical Friday: February 28, 2014

last night, I saw the National Theater Live production of “War Horse.” It made me laugh, cry, weep, and question my own ability to write the truth. It also made me even more envious of people who live near enough a cultural wellspring to live life with a bit more depth. More importantly, it reminded me that creativity must be exercised and writing something simple is often more compelling than the most exquisitely crafted complexity.

In that spirit, I only have one link this week, but it is fantastic. “I Will Not Write Unless I Am Swaddled In Furs.” is John Babbott’s clever homage to the oddities that writers claim we require to do good work. A small sample:

“The beverage is of utmost importance. It must be hot, to contrast the rain, and must be either a coffee of reputable origin or a tea that no one has ever heard of, as the writing that follows (if the conditions are correct) will likewise be uniquely energizing and unexpected.”

Now go read the rest.


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