fantastical friday

fantastical Friday: March 28, 2014

have completed the chopping of my hair, after finding super long bangs to lack enough change for my current taste. Though I want to stop feeling boring, and I’m sure a Jean Seberg pixie will help, changes in real life and not just outward appearances are likely necessary to do so.

I’m in a Book Club. You probably are, too.

a series of haunting and mesmerizing photographs from World War I that were, in all reality, relegated to the garbage.

dogs. in a photo booth.

an interview with Robert Penn Warren  from the Spring/Summer 1957 issue of The Paris Review includes this delicious phrase, “Such a man didn’t look “historical” thirty years ago. Now he looks like the thighbone of a mastodon.”
He also noted, ” Once you are engaged by a subject, are in your book, have your idea, you may or may not want to do some investigating. But you ought to do it in the same spirit in which you’d take a walk in the evening air to think things over. ”
One final phrase that truly struck me, especially as I plug away at the book, as an excellent reminder, “Your business as a writer is not to illustrate virtue, but to show how a fellow may move toward it—or away from it.”

6% of Americans do not want former Secretary of State, Senator, and First Lady Hilliary Clinton to be President of hte United States because they view her as unqualified for the position. 4% do not want a woman President at all.


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