fiction, new from the book

new from the book #10

ten “new from the book” posts. how delightful. & what’s more delightful? the bits holding these teasers together.

” ‘Uncle Junior,’ Willie called softly as he re-entered the house. The kitchen was unusually empty, so he cautiously made his way to the back room Arthur used as an office. ‘He’d’ve heard me come down the stairs if he’d still been in bed.’

Arthur McNutt would not have heard Willie climb down the stairs in his current condition, but Sarah Smith sheltered her boy as well she could from the evils she knew liquor possessed. Willie had no idea of the surprises in store for him. His nose wrinkled as he gently pushed open the office door. ‘It smells like a woodland still in here, Uncle.’ Willie was not as sheltered as his mother had hoped.”


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