fiction, new from the book

new from the book #13

the end is near. celebratory champagne is calling my name.

“Simmons felt as though heโ€™d been startled out of his boots. ‘Not so loud, Heichhold,’ he hissed. ‘In any case, what are you doing at a temperance lecture?’
‘Simply passing through, thought you looked as though you could use a drink.’
An elderly lady who looked as though she well knew the taste of lemons glared. ‘I am sorry maโ€™am,’ Heichhold said, ‘but my friend here has stolen my girl, and I am desperate to get her back. You see, sheโ€™s a Methodist and has nothing to do with liquor, while he carries on like a sailor six nights a week.’
At this, the old lady began to smile. Heichhold was sure he had won her over. ‘I knew your Aunt Minerva, young Augustus Pierce. Take your stories to the kind of a lady who will believe them and leave good people alone.'”


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