fantastical friday

fantastical Friday: May 2, 2014

After a quick clean-up of typos and grammar on the first draft, I’m shelving the book until at least mid-June. It’s been handed around to trusted friends and colleagues, and I need to wait and look at it with fresh eyes and constructive criticism. Unsurprisingly, I’m already itching to get in on another project, so I’m beginning research on a {shockingly true} story from the same little town I grew up in, where a woman in the 1870s claimed to have romantic letters from John Wilkes Booth, still alive and then in the British Virgin Islands. Continued novelization awaits. Last night, I sat in judgement on the thesis presentations of seniors from my alma mater’s Honors Program. Fascinating stuff kids are getting up to these days.

Bob Hoskins passed this week. One of my favorite film-watching moments is when he gets his kit off and demands everyone else does the same in Mrs. Henderson Presents.

it is wonderful to see big stars reminding men of what constitutes sexual assault…but impossibly disappointing that they have to.

“One half [of a group of 100 preschoolers] got a talk about helping, while the other half heard about being helpers…Preschoolers who got the talk about being helpers actually dropped their toys to offer aid 20 percent more often than kids who heard a lesson about helping,” found researchers at the University of California at San Diego.

I love my state {ahem, Commonwealth}, and I adore the linguistic nuances available to listen to here.

Short hair, don’t care. “ ‘There is this unspoken sisterhood when you see another woman with short hair who has made the decision to go against the crowd and do something so bold,’ she said. ‘You meet eyes and exchange a knowing smile.’ ”


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