ages and ages: getting back on the horse

yes, well, summer in the store has caught up with me. I tried to edit the book too early, crashed and burned, and then there was the cutest addition to my gathered little family {I’m an auntie now}

July is nearly over, and I’ve less than a month {one day less than} to get my affairs in order before I turn thirty. Last night, I left all the dishes in the sink to finally watch the end of season {series} two of “Endeavour,” then to assuage my annoyance at the cliffhanger ending I fell into Elmore Leonard’s “Killshot.” The novel, not the movie.

But first, I’d like to take up a grievance with our former colonial oppressors: what is with the three or four episode seasons {series}, then a two year wait for the next? I’m looking at you, “Sherlock,” and you, “Endeavour,” and all the other shows I’ve fallen for then had my hopes dashed as you run away to hide and allow your actors time for other fantastic artistic work between times.

In any case, I’m ready to get back to work on the novel and reading more than spreadsheets of what clothing options we have in the back to bring out to sell. Bring it, English language publishing. {Spanish is coming, but slowly}

I apologize for the delay and look forward to bringing better and updated work to this space.


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