New Year, New You!

Make 2015 Your Year!

10 Ways to Stick to Your Resolutions!

it’s just a number, just a date. The numbers click over from 23:59 to 0:00, from 31 December to 1 January. We all wander about for the next few weeks, mumbling that we forgot that the year changed on the calendar, on the dateline for our checks. Everyone is fascinated by numbers, by the hope that the simple change from one number to the next will change our simplest selves from who we are to some perfect person we wish we could be. Every website devoted to making folks feel ashamed about themselves has some form of the above headlines.

Still, we make our lists and then make our excuses. Habits are equally difficult to form and to break, and yet we try each new year, at the turns of the season, on our birthdays to form new habits and break the old. Since last I posted, I turned 30. It didn’t bother me as much as I thought it might, but it did bring about some new habits.

I take care of my skin. I hang upside down in aerial yoga once or twice a week. I struggle with adopting Amy Poehler’s “good for her, not for me” mantra. I journal a few sentences each day. I watch Doctor Who.

vmr #aerial yoga

don’t even get me started on the awesomeness of back-flipping into flying bow pose.

This new 2015 has brought a few more habits, and a few more plans, and for more than just my suddenly appearing biceps. With some determination and a touch of luck, and possibly a few tips on how to make good habits stick, 2015 should be a year of growth.

When Sheets Attack!” hasn’t progressed much on paper {on the keyboard? the screen?}, but it isn’t just for fun anymore. It’s a bedtime story for all those girls and women who want a fairytale reminder that the girls and women they are when they’re alone are the same girls and women they are when they are surrounded by the people and society that pull them in a hundred different directions. It feels like a reminder we all need.

It’s a new year, and if you want to be a new you, go be one. But, if you just want to make a tweak here and there, or are contented with yourself, do it. Be you, and be happy in 2015.