fantastical friday

fantastical friday: January 24, 2014

the temperature is eight degrees Fahrenheit, the sun shines intermittently, and the winds blow. wool sweater and socks keep me warm, while a silk shirts keeps the wool from becoming itchy. these are some of the ideas that I found interesting in the past week.

living near enough to a little town that has been struggling financially since before the Great Depression, I’m intrigued and pleased to learn about Eastport, Maine’s hard work at resurgence, and James Fallows’ American Futures project.

with Bohemian-Slovak ethnic streak a mile wide {complete with stuffed cabbage, walnut horns, and familial restlessness}, I identify with people from Eastern Europe more than my otherwise typical German, Scotch-Irish, English, American melting pot make-up would indicate. This review of two new books out about Tevye {star character in “Fiddler on the Roof”} creator Sholem Aleichem might just be better than the books themselves.

Yankee I may well be, but soul food is soul food whomever you are. Michael Twitty works hard to make sure we realize all the historical and modern aspects of antebellum Southern cooking.

artists as subjects of art are sometimes fascinating, but not always. This selection of tintypes of actors taken by Victoria Will at the Sundance film festival are deservedly making the rounds of Pinterest.

Google maps tells me that Iranian president Hassan Rouhani could drive from his diplomatic and financial charm offensive in Davos, Switzerland to the Syrian peace talks in Geneva in four and a half hours, though I’d imagine a private plane could make the trip even quicker and entirely feasible, in case you were wondering.